Why Invest

Since our founding in 1994, we have shipped more than 190 million gaming and streaming products as of June 30, 2020 and actively nurtured a passionate and engaged global customer base by maintaining a long history of delivering innovative, finely engineered products that have expanded the frontiers of gaming performance. As a result, we believe we have established ourselves as a leading brand among gaming enthusiasts and streamers, many of whom are active and prominent in eSports and act as ambassadors for our branded gear.

The global gaming PC and streaming gear markets, including peripherals, components and prebuilt PCs and laptops specifically designed for PC gaming, totaled approximately $36 billion in 2019. As gaming, eSports and streaming continue to expand in the mainstream, casual gamers increasingly aspire to emulate committed gamers such as eSports athletes, and amateur streamers increasingly seek to improve their production value quality. We expect this will bring new customers into the gaming and streaming gear market, and push existing customers to improve their performance and content quality, in part through related gear spending.