ORIGIN Begins Shipping First Intel 12th Generation, DDR5 Equipped Gaming Systems

Nov 23, 2021

First customers receive systems just three weeks after announcement

FREMONT, Calif., Nov. 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ORIGIN PC, a subsidiary of Corsair Gaming, Inc. (NASDAQ: CRSR), and leading provider of custom PCs for gamers, enthusiasts, and professionals, today announced the first shipments to customers of its new range of ORIGIN NEURON, MILLENNIUM, GENESIS, M-Class, and L-Class desktops, putting today’s most powerful DDR5-equipped PCs in the hands of customers weeks ahead of the competition.

Ideally placed within the CORSAIR group to access the latest components and technology, ORIGIN PC has benefitted from early access to high-performance CORSAIR DDR5 memory and the latest Intel Z690-chipset motherboards through close cooperation with industry partners such as Asus and MSI.

This has resulted in an accelerated development and quality assurance process, combining proven CORSAIR hardware such as PC cases, coolers, and power supplies with cutting edge DDR5 memory and the latest Intel 12th generation processors, putting the most powerful ORIGIN PC systems in the hands of gamers weeks ahead of many competitors.

“The integration of the complete array of CORSAIR hardware and DDR5 memory into ORIGIN PCs has allowed us go from specs to finished systems in record time,” said Kevin Wasielewski, Senior Director of DIY Marketing at CORSAIR and co-founder of ORIGIN PC. “Our ability to leverage partnerships and expertise from across the CORSAIR group is helping us put our best-ever systems in gamers’ hands faster.”

High-quality and superior performing CORSAIR DDR5 memory is at the heart of every Intel 12th generation processor-powered system ORIGIN PC makes, with CORSAIR DDR5 production rapidly ramping up to keep pace with fervent consumer demand. With early adopters quickly jumping on the new platform, CORSAIR DDR5 memory will ship in high volumes beginning in December 2021, and continue to expand into 2022 as new platforms and systems launch.

Availability, Warranty, and Pricing

All ORIGIN PC systems can be ordered directly from the ORIGIN PC website and are shipped worldwide. Every ORIGIN PC is also backed by Free 24/7 Lifetime U.S. Based Support and Lifetime labor for extra peace of mind.

For up-to-date pricing on ORIGIN PC desktops, please refer to the ORIGIN PC website or contact ORIGIN PC sales for more information.

Web Pages

To learn more about ORIGIN PC NEURON, MILLENNIUM and GENESIS Desktops, please visit: https://www.originpc.com/gaming/desktops/

To learn more about ORIGIN PC L-Class and M-Class Desktops, please visit: https://www.originpc.com/workstation/desktops/

Product Images

High-resolution images of ORIGIN PC’s Desktops can be found at the link below: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yC1s_yME2oiJ6FJmu3Bk8CM3SS0V2lio

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